Faith in DeathMature


I wandered into my house after my night out and went and hugged mum goodnight “there’s someone upstairs for you,” she muttered. I looked at her, slightly confused as to who would be in my room, before going upstairs to find out.

He was sat on the bed, head in hands, Eric, “what’s going on?” I asked, that’s when he looked up, he was a mess, a cut going through his left eyebrow bleeding, split lip bleeding, a deep gash across his right cheek bleeding his hair was messy and dirty and he looked like he’d been rolling around on the floor, his jeans were ripped and so was the white cotton top he was wearing . “What the hell happened?” I gasped sitting down next to him.

“I got into a fight didn’t I?” he muttered.

“Well I guessed that,” I said my voice lined with worry “but with who? And why?”

“Well that’s the bit you won’t like,” he said looking at our now interlocked hands, he was gently tracing circles on the back of my hand and I saw tears fall from his bright blue eyes making them shine. He unlaced a shaking tanned hand and ran it through his soft brown short hair.

 “what do you mean?” I said moving his face back to look at me cautious of his cuts.

 “well... well I got into a fight over you. With.... with Jase,” he avoided my eyes while I processed what he had just said.

 “for god’s sake,” my voice shook with anger “what the bloody hell do you think you were doing?” I ran my had through my thick long red hair.

 “look calm down Faith,” he put his warm tanned hands on either side of my face “we’re both pretty much okay,” he smiled. I instantly calmed at the touch of his warm hands.

I looked at each individual cut in detail, the blood was slowly drying leaving dark red lines from where it had run down the sides of his face “we should get you cleaned up before they get infected,” I said turning away and heading for the bathroom with him following. My mind was racing with images of Jase and Eric rolling around fighting on the floor with the rest of the guys watching. He sat down on the edge of the bath as I turned away from him to look through the medicine cabinet for some TCP or some sort of disinfectant. I found the orange bottle of TCP and some cotton wool pads and then half filled the sink with warm water “this might sting a bit” I said tipping a cap and a half of orange liquid into the water. Dipping the pad into it I turned back to face him “close your eyes,” I said gently. He did. I felt him flinch as I gently wiped over the cut on his eyebrow “don’t be a baby,” I teased smiling.

The End

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