Hold hands,
There is nothing worse than the fear of the unknown,
Staring into darkness, almost seems like the abyss,
The freeing of mind, thoughts and worry,
It's easier said than done,

Mouthing words of love,
Lips whisper out such words so confidently, yet the voices shake so worringly,
The freeing of the silence as a professional interrupts,
Interrupts unspoken words and worries; just free your mind,
It's easier far more easily said than done,

Shaking and soothing,
Staring and searching, quivering and shaking head, fears of what will be is what will be,
The superior touching and rolling, woman shaking and praying, the man holding and comforting,
This isn't so easy not so easy at all,

Mentoring and watching,
Watching words and speech flow. Pauses. Sudden pauses.
Moments of angst.
Moments of anger.
Moments of despair.
Moments of complete and utter nerves.


More breathing, much more breathing, nice warming thoughts, smiles exchanged, almost tears, The superior points and confirms. Even broader smiles now, much more broader smiles. Moments of rejuvenation. Hugs and kisses again. This seems easier...

This bright, warm, evening wil be a lot more easier.

This love makes things a lot more easier.

The End

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