Fire flew through Violeta's entire body but deep down she had a feeling that this was wrong and so pushed Daniel away.

Daniel looked surprised. "What is wrong?" asked he.

"I know not," replied Violeta. "Suffice it to say that I have an instinctual feeling that we ought not to kiss."

"But you want to," he pointed out.

Violeta averted her gaze from his steady one. The effect of his eyes lasted, however, so she remained unable to think properly.

"Yes," confessed she.

Daniel kissed her neck.

"Passion is not to be suppressed," said he in a persuasive whisper that caused the confused princess to shiver inside; "it is to be allowed to conquer one's mind."

"I-I do not w-want to be conquered," stammered Violeta, a little frightened, especially as her mind could only focus on the fact that she was on a table in someone's kitchen. Who was she? Had she a lover? Why was she here?

"Yes you do," murmured Daniel, kissing along her bare skin towards her shoulder. He casually pushed her sleeve off her shoulder and kissed the bone that connected her arm to her chest before leaning backwards.

 Violeta gazed helplessly into the painfully attractive man's eyes, unable to deny the effect he produced in her.

"Come," said he, straightening his back and holding a hand out to the princess.

Obediently, she slid off the table and took the proffered hand. Daniel led her into a small room, occupied by a bedstead, a wardrobe and a washing basin. He was not only leading her physically: he was subtly coaxing her to trust him and give to him what he desired too.

He stopped and, still standing, gripped Violeta's waist, beginning to kiss her. She attempted to resist him, pushing him away from herself, but he took her hands and drew backward to gaze into her eyes so that she would cease.

Caught by those night-dark eyes which seemed to smoulder and leave impressions on the back wall of her mind, Violeta found herself relaxing and her will melting away.

"You cannot escape," murmured Daniel, releasing her hands to retake her waist on one side and lightly brush her cheek with the other.

"I cannot escape," repeated the princess, submitting to him.

"You do not want to," whispered he, smiling.

"I do not want to," said she, and a look of such vulnerability entered her eyes that any kind man would have stopped all attempts to make love to her. But Daniel was not kind and he was not a mortal man. Violeta had become his slave and he was still intent on enjoying her, on ruining her chances of marrying the man whom his sister wanted.

Daniel kissed the princess passionately but heartlessly. She surrendered to his loveless desire, allowed him to be as violent and as ruthless as he pleased.

And so, tragically, we find her lying beside him a half hour later unclothed and as of yet unable to fully recover from the sensations she ha experienced. Daniel has supernatural abilities: it stands to reason that when a woman gives herself to him, she should feel as though subjected to the most astounding, incredible, extraordinary experience, and thus have problems relating to thought and movement for some time afterwards.

We see Daniel sitting there triumphantly, not caring about the life he has potentially ruined or even the girl whom he may have harmed in his reckless oblivion to all else other than the lust to which he gladly succumbed. The one similarity he possesses to mortal men is enslavement to Desire. His sister possesses it too (both are sinful creatures) and in the same way he brought a woman home the night before, Louisa is certainly at the house of some man she has tempted, presently.

We return to the tale.

Daniel was holding and fingering a purple satin ribbon that had fallen out of Violeta's hair. Lying there, eyes shut and chest heaving, she did not notice.

Daniel smiled to himself. He would present this ribbon to his sister when Violeta had left and she could use it as evidence against the princess when she visited the prince and brought him this ‘grave news' as she planned to.

He placed the article in a drawer he conjured, seemingly, out of thin air and caused the drawer to disappear as Violeta's breathing finally returned to its normal rate and she sat up, albeit still with a dazed expression.

"How wonderful to see you active," said Daniel, smiling.

Violeta focused on Daniel. And then she saw the state he was in. She screamed.

The End

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