Louisa clapped her hands together in excitement as the blackbird returned to the cottage. She ordered it to sing of the prince and she sat upon the couch, quite captivated by the description of him she received. No creature of her kind feels love but she felt a burning desire for the prince which simply could not be ignored.

Daniel walked into the room and stopped, bewildered.

"Sister, you are obsessed," said he, laughing at her foolish behaviour. "You act like the enamoured princesses! Are you sure it is not love you feel?"

His last question was asked in jest but Louisa responded - crossly, in fact, as though her brother had insulted her.

"I care not for anything other than his body. The moment he becomes displeasing to me, I will kill him. He is merely a toy, Daniel. There are some toys you can play with for longer, that is all."

Daniel smiled. "I am glad, sister. I do not want to lose you to kindness."

Louisa rose to her feet, snapping her fingers together, which caused the blackbird to cease singing. She looked at her brother.

"You worry me, Daniel. We have lived for over a thousand years and never once separated. You ought to know my character."

"I did not doubt you for a second, dear sister." Daniel moved forwards to that there were barely inches between them. "It was you who assumed I was serious when I mentioned the word ‘love'."

Louisa frowned. "You are correct. I am becoming paranoid like Mother. You must not let me complete this transformation, Daniel."

Daniel smiled. "Sister, I abhor our mother too. Why in the world would I allow the change to occur?"

Louisa smiled back. "I can always depend on you, brother, though that sounds so frightfully pathetic. I can always use you is closer to what I mean to say."

"I am not your dog," said Daniel, yet he laughed despite. He was loyal to his sister - he would not enjoy such a pleasant manner of living had she not encouraged him to escape with her, leaving their demented, controlling mother for good.

"You know..." said Louisa, stepping forwards so that he body and that of her brother were touching, "I daresay that if I did feel love, I would feel it principally for you."

"Watch yourself," warned Daniel; "you do not want to become one of those blasted Kindred spirits like Aunt Ethel."

Louisa laughed. "I will not. If I did feel love, I would taint it with my immorality. You would hardly know I loved you for I would abuse you and enjoy many other men than you."

Daniel's smile grew. "I would not have you any other way."

The horrifying pair kissed, pressing their bodies against each other so tightly that bruising might have resulted had they not been supernatural beings.

When their kiss broke, flames could be seen in their eyes, burning savagely, fuelled by their desire.

"There will be a treat in store for you once you have completed the task involving Princess Violeta," promised Louisa.

Daniel inclined his head slightly. "I shall finish it quickly."

He suddenly disappeared as if he had never been there in the first instance.

Louisa reclined on the sofa and commanded the blackbird to resume singing.

Soon... Soon she would be Robert's wife.

The End

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