Violeta woke in Robert's arms and remembered the previous night. Chastity before marriage was a torture to be endured but there were no rules forbidding thrilling passion, thank goodness.

She lay still until Robert awoke, luxuriating in the physical contact and the warmth rising from her body onto hers.

When Robert did awake, he smiled at Violeta, and asked he "Do you still think lowly of yourself after the pleasure you brought me last night?"

Violeta laughed and said she "Why, you brought me more."

"I object. You cannot know my admiration of you after your excruciatingly sweet caresses."

"You killed me inside, Robert. I highly doubt I did more."

Whispered Robert "You did more" before kissing her sensationally and tickling her in sensitive areas.

Screaming out in laughter, Violeta rolled onto her front. She sighed in rapture as Robert kissed her in a line from her neck down to the base of her spine.

"I love you," said Robert, finishing and lying beside her.

"I love you too," said she serenely.


Before midday, the prince returned home to tell his parents the news. Violeta promised she would join him in a few days; she felt she ought initially to assist the palace staff clearing the ballroom and send cards conveying her gratitude to all those who had attended and from whom she had received gifts. Robert told her that he would await the day of her coming with great anticipation, and leaned down from his horse to kiss her.

Before he left, he had an amusing question for his bride-to-be.

"Violeta," murmured he in her ear.

"Yes, my darling Robert?" replied she.

"Do you see the world through a violet filter?"

Violeta chuckled. "What a ridiculous notion. You are so daft, my prince."

Robert grinned. "I had to ask. My younger sister wanted to know and she almost convinced me that you saw in that manner."

Violet smiled. "She sounds adorable."

Robert laughed to himself and then rode away.

A blackbird flew above the prince for much of his journey. Unbeknownst to him, another person was feeling similar anticipation to that which he had described to Violeta, and descriptions of him were the subject of a chorus of birdsong eagerly awaited by her...

The End

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