Once upon a time, there lived a young princess whose parents had named her Violeta. They had named her so because of an oddity in her physical characteristics: the girl had violet eyes.

Queen Mariana was the proudest mother in the land to have borne the only child with such quaintly-coloured irises, though she and King Peter cherished her for her gentle and affectionate ways too. They intended her to have the best life possible and therefore desired for their daughter to be joined in marriage to the most handsome prince in the country, Prince Robert.

They were well acquainted with Robert's parents: King Lance and Queen Rose; so the arrangement of the children's destinies was not difficult.

Nevertheless, there was one whom did not want this marriage to take place, ... nor indeed any other ceremony of binding involving Prince Robert.

But this character's part does not enter our tale until later on, so let us proceed instead to the first major event: that is to say, one of the happiest days in the lives of the royal families of King Lance and King Peter.

The End

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