The begining

Figures danced across the room in ball gowns, masks and things that appeared to be from the renasaince period. "Would you like to dance?" I took the mans hand and began to waltz, spinning and twirling across the room and just as he dipped me....

"Eleanor! wake up!"

I reluctantly throw back the covers and dress in my horrible uniform. Black trousers, a white polo shirt with the schools logo on it and a burgundy jumper (complete with logo). It's raining outside....again. I go with a pony-tail and head down stairs to get my dad out of bed.

My dad has MS (multiple schlerosis) and it affects him in the way where he has to use a power chair. "Morning dad"

"Morning Ellie" I drag my feet over to the standing frame and put it in place. It takes a good 3 tries until he stands and I can put him over the power chair. Generally a good morning for us. When dad is in his chair I turn everything on, make him a cup of tea and eat my bowl of coco pops while I watch true blood...again.

"Ellie, did I have my tablets?"

"No dad, I'll get them for you"

Here we go again, another typical morning in the world of drab

The End

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