Fire vs Rubber! Natsu vs Luffy!!!!!!! (Part 2)Mature

Usopp: "standing in the crow's nest" I see the island! Hey, Luffy, I see the island!

Luffy: Really?! "jumps onto his special seat on Going Merry" Where? Where?

Nami: "looking through a telescope" All right, we're almost there!

Luffy: Sanji! Make lunch box specials for us! With lots of meat!

Sanji: Got it captain! And of course I'll make a special one for Nami-san!!

Luffy: Full speed ahead!!


[Fairy Tail's ship has arrived on the island]

Natsu: "running across the beach" Woohoo! This place looks great!

Gray: Some space to race now, eh?

Natsu: I'll bet I'll beat you this time!

Gray: I don't think so!

Natsu & Gray: "Charge towards the sea" AARRGHHH!!!

Lucy: Natsu sure recovered fast from the ride here

Erza: Well, who won't? And I have to swim.

Wendy: Lucy-san! Let's play ball!

Lucy: Right, let's go! "catches sight of Juvia hiding behind a tree" Juvia! Come on!

Juvia: J-Juvia is okay here! "Looks out to Gray and Natsu speeding through the water"

Lucy: okay . . .


Levy: Gajeel, the boat's stopped already.

Gajeel: "still looking a little green" Ugh . . . are we there yet?

Levy: Uh – yeah, we're here.

Gajeel: "staggers up and sees Natsu and Gray racing" SALAMANDER!! "dives into water and starts charging after them

Levy: . . . Boys.

(in the water)

Erza: haahh, finally I can relax. "looks up and sees a shadow on the water" Huh? What's that?

The End

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