Lucy was running. She didn’t know where to, but she was running. Away from the lies, away from the words her Mother was spitting at her. Away from every thing.

“LIES! Mom is only telling me lies!” She said snuggling into the warmth of her pea coat. Even though it was August, it was cold.

She looked around the woods. She must have far in the few minutes she had been out here, because she didn’t know were she was. She looked up at the trees. It was almost Fall, soon the rich green in them would be brown and on the forest floor. A time of deaths. And she was here to ‘enjoy’ it. Not.

She dropped her self to the ground, still crying a bit. Than she had a idea, she had her Ipod in her pocket, and it was fully charged she might as well listen to music while she sat there. She got a little giddy as she looked for her song.

“Coming out your mouth
With your blah blah blah
Zip your lips like a padlock,”

Lucy sang loudly matching Kesha’s voice. She felt happy. That song made her happy. She smiled and listened to 3!03 begin there terrible part. She didn’t really like that band, but listened to them. She laid back onto the forest floor and hummed a lot. Soon the song faded into a nice, sweet Jason Mraz tune. She smiled and closed her eyes.Maybe I’ll rest for a bit. Just a bit…

And she slept.


Somebody was poking Lucy. It was starting to annoy her badly, and she just wanted to sleep. She rolled over and opened her eyes, and realized she had been drilling.Great,she thought grimly.

She looked at the person who was poking her. He, it was a boy, had bright red hair and freckles. But that’s not what got Lucy. It was what was sticking out his back. A pair of large, blue wings with black dots.

“What…who…what,” she was stumbling. What ever this or who this was not who she wanted to keep company with.

“Shush. You know what I am.” the person said coldly, and with a Irish accent. Lucy did a summer solute and stood up.

“You’re a…no way!” she in awe. She shock her head. “Your not suppose to be real! “

“We are not suppose to be real, Lucy.” The Fairy said.How does it know my name?She asked herself.

“How do you know my name?” she said, sacredly.

“Well, child, has yourMother,” they way he said Mother sent a tingle up her spine, “told you about the way Fairies, our people, know about a Fairy with one look. With training. Tell me, what’s my name?” He said coolly.

“Conor. Or, at least your Human from.” she said without blinking.How did I know that?

“Ahh, I see you must have been raised well. You have no training?” he said it like a question.


“Hmm…odd. Tell me, how much do you know about our people?”

“Not a lot.”

“Tell me what you know.” Lucy nodded and told him what she knew.

“ That is not a lot. Let me guess, you just found out Today, or should I say yesterday?” She looked up at the sky, it was dawn. She had been gone for hours, her Mother must be worried sick.

“Did my Mother send you looking for me?” she asked stubbornly.

“No, not me in general. She sent out a witch fire, alerting all Fairs you had been missing.”



“Can you tell me how I get home?”

“You will fly.” He said simply.


“I’ll tech you.”

The End

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