Prolouge (Part Two)

Lucy looked at her Mother, wide eyed.

“Your joking right?”

“No.” Her Mother replied quietly. Lucy laughed and shock head.

“So, I’m Tinkle Bell?” She laughed. “Cause I don’t think I’d like Peter Pan. Too sexist.” She said honestly, with a giggle.

“Shut up, and don’t dis the Mother of our kind.” said Mary, playing along.

“Both of you shut up, Tinkle Bell is not real.”

“Yea, we know.” Lucy said, putting her head on the table. “Tell, me, are Ghosts, Daemons, Vamps, and Werewolf’s real? Do some live around here? May I invite them to High Tea?” She said jokily.

“Lucy Ann,” Her Mother said warningly with the middle name she was given, “I do NOT want to here any jokes.”


“Because you are suppose to take this seriously! I’m going to warn you so you don’t go killing yourself.”

“Oh yeah Mom, I’m going to go have Mary kill me. She can’t even shot my bow!” Lucy said looking at her ten year old sister, who sat there teary eyed this whole time.

“I can to!” Mary shot back.

“That’s not what I meant,” she said, ignoring Mary.

“Oh?” Lucy asked, intrigued.

“Yes, you know that THING you are being forced to go to?”

‘The camp out?”


“Wait, I’m still confused,” Mary asked, “Are we really pixies?”

“Fairies. And yes, Mary, WE are.” Said her Mother, annoyed.

“There the same things,” Mary murmured.

“Any way,” Lucy butted in, “How am I going to kill myself.”

“The town knows there are Fairies in town. They want to catch them. They think we are evil. I guess they are right, condensing the killing…” Her Mother said, lost in her own world.

“KILLING?” both of the young girl said at once, in shock.

“Ummm… Fairies sometimes have to urge to kill for no reason. Luc, that’s why you are a hunter. like to were fur.”

“Why dowe” said Lucy, with we as if it was deadly, “Have the urge to kill?’’

“Well, it’s the joy of seeing something die that drives us to do it.” She answered.

“I do NOT like seeing things die! Ashley,” That was Lucy’s real name, and Lucy only used when she was scared and mad all at once, “ I balled when Grandma died! Sorry,” she said when her Mother glared at her for calling her Ashley.

“Yes, I know. You must understand, once you know about your true self, you will,enjoyseeing things die.”

Lucy looked at her Mother and begin to cry. She did not want to do this.No I can’t. She must be lying. Fairies are not real. They are from a Childs fairy tale.Lucy thought.

“No, Mom. No.” She said.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want this. You should have just kept your freckling month shut.” Lucy yelled, grabbed her gray pea coat and ran out of the house, tears whiling down her eyes.

The End

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