Facing the Court

It was by a rare piece of luck that I arrived at the court pretty much presentable. Well, I say luck but I kind of 'borrowed' one of Kal's dresses from the laundry. The thing is he's got so many he'll hardly miss it. Spoilt prick.

I curse queitly. Even that one act of rebellion hasn't spared me from this 'sense of duty'.  After a bit of advice from the billy I decided I might aswell go for it. If it gets too bad, well I'll have to have a think again.

Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door.A few seconds followed...needless to say in my current state it felt like hours.Finally,"Come in," boomed from inside the room.

I walked into the Court..it was huge and full to the brim of marble statues of old dead Kings. In the middle there was a large oak table with around fifty chairs and fity expressionless faces. It always made me laugh how stupid the table looked in the middle of nothing. I mean it took about two minutes to walk to it, Seriously, they could have put it closer. I couldn't fly though. Bloody court ettiquette.

I finally made it and immediately wished I hadn't It wasn't that the Courtiers made obvious gestures of hate but a twitch of the eye was all it took for an expert like me. Kal on the other hand was less subtle. In fact he was in close danger of a black eye.

My father stood and I bowed "Sire,". He ignored this and said "Before we start boy," here it dripped with contempt, "I may as well show you your animal"

With a snap of his fingers a beautiful silver tabby materialised into my arms." What are you going to name her?" my father asked in a bored tone.  Looking around the room at the scornful faces, I did the only thing I could think of. Smiling, I replied "Shayla, after my mother,"

The End

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