Finding Answers

Time whittled away the hour, and my intentions not to be beaten were looking more likely to result in a no-contest than a victory. I wouldn't be winning, sure, but more importantly, neither would they. With wings like mine, fleeing was the solution for too many of my problems, and when I couldn't run, the spirit would, and then, at least my mind could escape.

Stalling, perhaps, was not the best of ideas, but I had a lot of thinking to do, and little could be done in that posh prison of a castle. At least outside, I wouldn't be alone.

"And that's my problem," I finished explaining. I dug my head from out my hands to see his reaction -- complacent, as usual. Nothing ever seemed to faze him, and this is why (in addition to being the smartest person I knew in the whole palace) I came to him for an answer. Without a sound, he simply approached, piercing me all the while with those mysterious eyes. He brushed back the hair from my shoulder, leaned in so I could feel his warm breath, and began chewing.

Stupid goat. At least he couldn't make this garment any worse than it already looked.

"Look, you can have all the dresses you've ruined over the years if you help me out of this," I promised. "I don't even know why I've kept so many of them, anyway."

"Why don't ya just take the body guard duty?" he didn't say. It is a goat, after all, but somewhere between the desperate loneliness and too many hard nights, I could hear the billy even if he didn't speak a word. "What's the worst that could happen? You'll be a bad guard, and yer brother'll die?"

"It's just that I'll have to be around him all the time," I huffed. "I already don't want to be here, and I certainly don't want to be around them."

"Then just leave! Not like anyone'll be able to catch ya."

"Leave and do what, exactly?" I posed.

"Idunno," he tilted his horned head. "From what I understand, there's quite a demand for fairy prostitutes -- with some pretty respectable clientele, at that."

"Don't be a jackass," I spat out just before realizing just how strange it was to call a goat a jackass. "Besides, that wouldn't be a mere night out. Father would send someone after me. Not that he cares, but he certainly enjoys making my life miserable. I'd be forced into hiding from all members of the royal court, which is pretty much the life I lead here, anyway. At least at the palace, I have..." The sloshing and gnawing of the billy filled the silence and finished my thought, although not to the effect I had intended.

Stupid goat. Maybe I shouldn't have worn the one covered in food stains.

The End

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