Cha 1: Once upon Seven--

            Ally walked through the halls. Every now and then a little choke grabbed her throat down, and sucked her mouth dry. Whenever she thought of Bobbie, she had tried her best not to let the feeling overwhelm. So far she held up. Now it was lunchtime, and she wasn’t sure what to do with her self. If she sat by Bobbie she was bound to flood and drown everyone in a miles radius. She certainly couldn’t go to Tray, she was definitely crying to Bobbie right now.

            Ally looked down, still swallowing over and over. Holding back any yell she hadn’t finished off last night, or even this morning.

           What am I going to give her when she leaves,Ally thought sadly,I never planned to say that.

           Her thoughts grabbed her in, pulled such dark sad feeling. Being prepared for when it was time for Bobbie to leave. She didn’t wish to think this, not now, and not ever. She wished to spend what she could with her beloved friend…

            Ally raised her fisted in a dramatic flare, and racked up some courage to go confront her friend. Immediately without any preparation, she spun on her heel, to find hand grabbing her shoulders, and pain in her forehead.

            “That wasn’t too comfortable for my chin,” She heard the murmur, and looked up, seeing the boy that she ran into, “Oh, but it is of course okay…” His words faltered as he looked at her eyes.

            “S-sorry,” Ally looked down embarrassed by not only one thing yet two. The eyes always surprised everyone, and it was titled as I was hit on the head as a baby, or just a common freak, “I got to go.” Ally looked pass the boy, towards the cafeteria.

            He backed poor Ally away from himself, “nonsense, it was my fault, something in return is in need to replace my absent thoughts.”

            “Absent thoughts?” Ally tilted her head.

            “I was thinking, so I hadn’t seen you coming.”

            Ally only could think that she had done the same exact thing. All she had been doing was thinking this morning, “You should tell me your name then.”

            He seemed a little confused, and had to think more to figure out his own name. She raised an eyebrow waiting for his answer. He seemed to debate a little, shaking his head seconds after his thought, “Sorry, I absolutely hate my name,” He smiled, “It is Seven.”

            “Seven, like the number?” Ally asked.

            “Very much true, I know, like said I hate it…” He lifted his shoulders, and looked away, and then set one eye on Ally, “So what is your name?”           

            Ally blushed, “Ally, my name…” She stopped for a moment, “ My name is Ally.” She smiled and tried her best to hide her swollen, and shadow beneath her eyes.

            “Ah,” He let out a long sigh, “ Now that sure is a name, rolling across your tongue as you say it, Ally,” He said Ally’s name slowly, “A pure rose with sweet honey,” He thought for yet another moment, as Ally watched him weave his hand through his hair, seeing the oddness in it, “A name for a princess I’d say!”

            “You’re hair is red, like dark unnatural red,” Ally couldn’t help but notice how it didn’t even look weird on him, it seemed completely natural.

            “Your eyes are different colors Princess, there isn’t much comparison.”

            “Princess?” Ally knitted her eyebrows together.

            “I believe I just made a friend,” Seven brought out his hand, “Do you have a cell phone?”

            Ally nodded and took the cell phone out of the back pocket from her jeans. Seven took out his from his hood pocket, and threw it in Ally’s hands, “Put your number in it.” He said, as he put his own number in Ally’s.

            Ally searched through his phone and put her number in it, and handed it back to him, as he handed hers back. She paused briefly after; she had just met the boy, name Seven. Why, how could she trust him so simply like that?

            “Text me after school at anytime, and that will indicate whether or not you really want to be friends,” Seven backed up ready to pivot on his heel and walk away, “Until next time Princess.”

The End

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