Fairy Tales

Ally's Best Friend of all time is moving out of the blue, and she only had a week left to spend with her dear friend. As the week closes the end, her friend gives her key, and tells her to keep it in her heart. As time passes Ally meets a guy that has been in her school the entire time, but she never notices him. And as she comes to know him, she soon realizes her home is no longer home sweet home, for it is about to be broken into.

            Just like how many of those stories start, once upon a time, in afar-away castle, there lived a young princess –

            Ally shut the book closed, these things always ended so happily. Yet her life wasn’t so happy at the moment. She looked to the moon. The round sphere striking its celestial light across the pavements, lighting the cold deceiving night. The little light had just barely lit Ally’s boring and dull room.

            Ally threw the book onto the ground by her bedside, her eyes were puffed with a red flush, and the tears now stung her sensitive skin. Her closest friend was moving, and no matter what she read, no matter what she picked up, it seemed useless. Her friend had lied to her from the beginning. To make sure the tears wouldn’t be so soon. Even though Alley had asked her if she was moving. She was happy that her friend cared that much not to tell her, but also left a large void in her heart, that wasn’t easy to replace.

            A sigh came out of Ally’s mouth, and a long breath after. She let out her breath, and hit her pillow. She hadn’t remembered the last time tears fell so easily out of her unnatural color of eyes. She was color blind, her eyes being an ash burn purple, with the smallest bit of fuchsia pink.

            Her cell phone buzzed to the left of her, on her out of age nightstand. It was covered in stains and slashes. It was beautiful ten years ago, and now even the gold edges were wearing down. Ally picked up the phone. Seeing the name, Tray. It was a text message. She sighed again and checked out the cell phone, “I don’t remember the last time I cried so hard.” The text message read. Tray was Ally’s other friend, her name seemed kind of boyish, but it was a nickname for, Traitalai. Ally wasn’t sure where the girl was from, but she preferred the nick of the original, long and interesting name.

            Ally text back, “You’re not alone.” Ally waited anxious to get the common comfort from Ally’s friend that Ally so Longley needed. Tray was apart of a musical; she had little time to text during this season.

            Ally’s phone buzzed once again, “ Why did she tell us earlier? We would have more time to try and spend as long together as friends!”

            “Don’t ask me, she says it was to keep the tears away,” I paused briefly in my text thinking it over a little, “I hate crying like this…”

            Ally threw the phone to her bed, and wailed a scream, immediately her parents came rushing in. Their room being next door to hers, “Dear?” Her mother asked.

            “Mom,” Ally choked, and grabbed her phone and went through her text till she found Bobbie’s, and handed to her mom,” Why does life have to suck?”

The End

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