Fairy Tales

This is about a confused alittle girl who isent sure what fairy tales are anymore or if they ever did.

I wonder sometimes are fairy tales even possible all the love and so called happy endings.Sometimes i wish it was that simple but everyone knows its not.And the people who still might believe in all this well i guess they havent entered the real world. Where fairy tales are like myths to everyone else. Misunderstood lengends. Well i once  knew this girl who believed in all this yah crazy right? Who could believe in something noone else does.Her name you may ask well its Anissa. She always thought everything was like a fairy tale well was supposed to be at least. But of course everyones hopes and dreams shatter with noone to pick up the pieces. when she turned 8 years old she no longer belived in happy endings as much an illision,a false image thats all she sees now. Her parents were never happy together. she hide from all the screaming protecting her brother and sister from the sight something she wished she never saw as she sat on the top of the stiars looking down praying hopeing the hitting ans screaming would stop and just go away but it never did . somethings still to this day she cant seem to burn out of her brian. scars are scars they seem to never go away no matter how much u try u cant seem to erase ur past. they finally got divorced. Anissa cried every night into her favorite taddy bear the teddy bear both her parents got her. the tears poured out of her into that beatuiful bear. it was all she had it was the only thing that could calm her down to stop her from hurting even for a minute it made her smile thinking bout the few times she acully felt like she had a happy familyy. she never agian believed that her live will be happy and good. shes 14 now confused in a world of hate no fairy tales. no cinderlla story or even sleeping beauty. just simple suckish life. so tell me do u belive in fairy tales or are u like her or in other words like me ???  still un sure of her life and where to go ? when there is no where u feel safe anymore. so what do u believe ?? cause wheather its believeing hopeing or even wishing i no longer do any of it .. it gets me no where.... just standing in a fast moveing place where she doesnt like her self...

The End

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