Fairy Tales

I love fairy tales myself, so why not make up a short one and post it here. Write about princesses and princes, dragons and sea monsters and most of all fairies.

Once there was a little girl who loved nothing better than to play on her own. Her parents grew very angry with her and tried to get her to play with other people. But she always refused and the conversation often ended with slammed doors and sobbing. The other children thought her strange. She wouldn’t join in with their games so she was condemned in their eyes. The girl often walked down to the forest, where people suspected strange beings lurked. Some suspected she was a witch. Others scoffed that and said she was a fairy. Only one person believed in her. A young boy named Thomas.

One day, there was a fair. And the girl went along to it. She entered through the masses of people and saw the bright lights of the fair, the clowns and the prizes, the sparkle, the glamour. She wove her way among it, always looking up at all these huge and wondrous sights. It wasn’t long before she lost her parents. It wasn’t long after that when she found herself at the edge of the forest.

Unbeknownst to her, she had been followed. Thomas had been concerned when he saw she’d lost her parents. Finding her at the edge of the forest, he felt he should go and talk to her, make sure she was alright.

He called to the girl and asked her to stop. She turned around, her white face glowing in the moonlight. Seeing it was him, she smiled and beckoned to him.

“I know a place where we can play forever and always have fun,” She said.

Thomas was scared. “How do I know I can trust you?” he asked.

“You don’t,” she replied. “But you’ll regret it forever if you don’t follow me.”

But Thomas was scared so he refused. And she went into the forest and disappeared.

After the fair ended, the girl’s parents searched and searched for her. They called out her name in every corner. Soon half the town was out looking for her. But no one really cared. After the first few days, people grew bored. She probably ran away with the fair, the village people said. They were a strange breed, children. Who was to know what went on in their heads.

After a weeks or so though, they started to feel sad. Perhaps it was the image of the parents, walking around slowly, the mother clutching the arm of the father as though he would escape from her too.

Then things started happening. Strange little things. A cow got sick and when it would usually have survived, it passed away. A couple of fields of crops failed that year. A disease got spread around the children and the parents didn’t let them go out to play.

Thomas had never stopped thinking about the girl. He grew more and more worried and more and more regretful, just as the girl had said. He took to wandering around the edge of the forest. For many nights and many days, he could not find anything to tell him where she had gone. The village people began to murmur about him too. As he grew up into a young, handsome man, people said, what a pity he’s still hung up about that girl. He’d be a fine match for one of our daughters. But he didn’t care for their daughters, or granddaughters, or nieces. He kept on looking.

One evening, as twilight fell, Thomas was walking up and down beside the edge of the forest, as usual, when he saw a light deep in the forest. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. Cautiously, he entered the forest and followed the light.

The light lead him to a little clearing, surrounded by vines and huge oaks. It was so deep in the forest, he couldn’t see the village anymore, or the sky. And sitting in front of him, on a toadstool, was the girl.

Thomas jumped back in shock. The girl smiled at him, full of childish innocence. She had not aged a day since he last saw her. Around her head fluttered her true friends, the ones she played with ‘on her own’. The fairies.

“Join me,” she said, holding out her hand.

Thomas shook his head. “I can’t. I am too old now.”

“No you are not,” she replied, “you are exactly the same age as me.”

Thomas looked down at his hands and saw that they were indeed those of a child. He looked in the river and saw that his face was no longer defined and covered with stubble, but young and smooth, with unwearied eyes.

“Now you can join me,” the girl said.

The girl was the friend of the fairies. And while she was around the fairies protected her and her village. But now they had taken her away, Thomas along with her, to live in the land of fairies and to play all day and all night in a world of golden magic. And the villagers were left to mourn what they had lost.

The End

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