To Come

As soon as Natsu had stepped outside, his legs buckled, and he fell down onto his knees before collapsing to his side. He was out cold.

Lucy screamed and leapt back, eyes widening. Erza stared down at him with a frown, but no more emotion that that. She poked his shoulder with his sword, then grunted.

"Happy, tell me what you came to tell." She leaned against the wall, dark eyes set on the horison.

The Exceed lifted his gaze from Natsu, paws tingling. He swallowed the lump in his throat and flicked his ears. "It's Igneel. Something is happening to Natsu to do with Igneel!"

The name of the dragon made Erza stiffen and her fingers gripped the hilt of her sword. She closed her eyes, then spoke slowly, using her other hand to trace a finger over her blade. "Do you know what that something is?"

Happy shivered at her sharp, cutting tone that sliced at his bearings. He simply shook his head, holding his tail in his paws. He avoided meeting her burning gaze.

Erza muttered "Requip." under her breath, then as her sword vanished, she rubbed her hands together a little, then took a step away from the wall. She swept her gaze over them, resting on Natsu. She kicked his arm with her heavy boot.

"Get up." She commanded, and he breathed shallowly, rolling over and looking at her. "You are not to leave the guild house. Wendy will care for you." She finished with a flick of her wrists and roll of her shoulders, and Natsu looked away.

Lucy bent down to help him up, but he shooed her hand away and winced as he forced himself to stand. He staggered a few steps before rubbing the side he had been lying on, then walked stiffly inside. He was not one to refuse Erza's orders. Yet.

The End

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