Voices broke out as soon as they arrived inside the Fairy Tail headquarters. Mirajane skipped over, and Cana looked over from the bar, sipping a mug of ale. The speech was more on the fact that their guild had been blamed for the attack on Wendy's mugger than Natsu.

"Enough!" Gray roared, punching his fist over his other hand, making the magic symbol of ice glow beneath him. "Don't make me break your faces!"

Everyone hushed, but murmurs started spreading. "Gray sticking up for Natsu?" "What's going on?" "Let me through, I want to show them a piece of my mind!"

Lucy sighed and let Natsu lean off her. He breathed hard and balled his fists. Happy looked up at him with begging eyes. Natsu looked down at him, nodded a little, then stared at his guild members.

"Something's wrong," He began, but they cut him off.

"You got us in trouble again." Cana said darkly, staring into her glass.

He bit down hard and glared at her. Suddenly the wizards scattered like a ruffled flock of birds as loud footsteps were heard. Natsu's eyes grew wider as he recognised the very noise of the person drawing near.

"Erza..." He muttered.

The woman pushed everyone aside, her dark brown eyes sending shivers through the spines of those who met her gaze. Her long red hair fell over her shoulders, and rested on her hard, silver armour. Not a sound dared ring out as she sweeped her glare over them, before returning to Natsu.

"I heard about what happened," She growled.

He rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, about that... Please forgive me, Erza!" He pleaded, falling to his knees.

She rolled her eyes. "Get up." She glanced at Wendy and Carla. "At least the girl wasn't hurt. I also heard about these tantrums, Natsu."

Happy shivered and stepped forward sheepishly. "Uh, miss, ma'am... Queen of the... Erza-"

"Get on with it."

"Something is wrong. Can we speak somewhere else?"

Era glanced at Lucy, who gasped as they met gazes, then she looked down at Happy. "Why, Exceed, you decide to act brave today. So be it, lets go." She walked back outside, and they all exchanged looks before following.

The End

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