Fire Wizard

Hot soup poured into Natsu's mouth, and he swallowed, feeling the steaming liquid falling down his throat. He grabbed a pair of chopsticks and began to pull noodles into his mouth, whilst watching Happy tearing into a fish.

"You guys never stop eating," Lucy complained.

Natsu grinned, showing his sharp teeth. "Nothing wrong with food, right Happy?"

The Exceed looked up, speaking through his mouthful. "Aye, sir!"

Lucy stared at a piece of paper, then rubbed her face with a cold hand. She had the parchment with the details of their mission, and she couldn't stop beaming at the '10,000 Jewel' at the bottom of the page.

Natsu suddenly stopped eating. His stomach churned and he clutched it for a moment, frowning deep. He could hear something ringing in his head. A roar. A painful roar calling to him. He leapt to his feet and looked around, looking for the source.

Happy ran to the edge of the table. "Natsu, what's wrong?"

Natsu clutched his ears and winced, then ran out of the cafe and his fists began to glow. He pressed his teeth together, then yelled in agony. "FIRE DRAGON IRON FISTS!" he slammed into the ground and the pavement exploded with bits of concrete and fire.

Someone grabbed him from behind, then he fell limp, eyes shutting, skin going ghostly cold. Lucy ran out with Happy behind her, seeing Gray trying to hold Natsu up.

"What on Earthland?" Happy said, rushing to the fire wizard's side.

Gray lay Natsu on the ground. He glanced at Happy, then at Lucy, then back at Natsu. The ice wizard rubbed his eyes.

Happy leaned in. "Natsu?"

He opened his eyes slowly. "I-ig... Ign-neel..."

The End

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