"What did that guy want anyway?" Lucy said, turning the tap on.

Wendy sat on the couch of the Celestial Wizard's home, her hands settled in her lap. "She wanted Carla."

At the mention of her name, the white Exceed opened her eyes from resting on the arm of the sofa, and glanced softly at her partner. They were both members of the Cait Shelter Guild. Wendy was a Sky Dragon Slayer, even though now many dragons were left to be.

"We could of done with you on the trip back!" Natsu called across the room from where he was, sitting on a chair with Happy in his lap. "I almost died of motion sickness."

Happy smiled at Carla, who gently flicked her tail and closed her eyes again. He looked at Natsu's hands, the bandages taken off to reveal the welts across his fingers. The cat-like Exceed stared at them for a while, eyes narrowed in thought.

Lucy crossed the room with the bowl of warm water, the steam carrying the fragrant odour of Dettol. She pressed a cotton wool bud to the water, then to Natsu's wounds. He winced, but watched her cleaning them out. He was surprisingly weakened, and that was what caused Happy to be so worried. The others seemed to of passed it by.

"What mission where you on?" Wendy asked, patting Carla gently between the ears.

Natsu pulled his hands away as Lucy stood and went to tip the water down the drain. "Just some freaks blocking the path, but some people had some fancy plans and wanted to get through without any problems, so that earned us a few hundred jewel."

She nodded, pulling her legs up to rest her head on her knees. "I would of gone, but you know I'm only here for the special missions."

Happy curled his tail around his paws. "Natsu, do you know what happened yesterday?"

Natsu fixed him with a stare that made him bristle. The fire wizard looked away quickly In truth, he did. It had all been like a dream. A dream of Igneel.

The End

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