Fairy Tail~ The New Adventure Begins

I haven't watched many of the Fairy Tail series, so don't blame me if I get some things wrong, or if I've changed the characters a bit, but this is a story that you can decide whether it happened before, or after the real thing...

The New Adventure Begins

Natsu clutched his stomach. His cheeks were flushed, and his mops of pink hair clung to his sweaty temples. The carriage bobbed as the wheels crawled over rocks in the road. He leaned to the side, groaning.

"Oh come on, not again," A female voice moaned as Lucy looked sideways at him, flattening her dress with her fingers.

He glared at her. "All this motion is making me-" He leaned out of the window, and Lucy pulled a face and looked away.

Wedged right inbetween them was a small cat-like creature with blue fur. He looked between them, then used his tail to poke Natsu. "We're almost there."

He pulled back it, shaking out his hair. "We better be!"

It was silent for the rest of the way. The carriage finally stopped outside of the town, and Natsu breathed a sigh of cold relief. He felt his forehead with the back of his hand, feeling his skin searing hot. The cat looked back on him, eyes blinking.

"Is it all okay, Natsu?" He asked in a soft, high-pitched voice.

He swayed as he hopped down onto the pavement. "I'm fine, Happy."

They walked slowly down the familiar streets, the sun barely lighting the city from the overcast clouds. Natsu looked up at the gray sky, willing for there to be a shower of rain. He clenched his fists until his knuckles went white.

"Help me!" Someone screamed.

Happy spun around, his tail stuck out straight. Lucy flung out her ring of keys, and Natsu followed them on hot persuit towards the cry. They ran wildly through the streets and alleys, taking many wrong turns and back tracking, they finally came out to see a man with his hand on a girl's wrist, shaking her.

"Guys, help me!" It was Wendy!

Natsu growled darkly, and his eyes seemed to turn black. He ran forward, pulling his hands up and taking a massive jump. "Fire. Dragon. ROAR!"

Fire jetted through his hollowed fists and the area around him lit up orange and gold, and for a split second he felt as if he was flying beneath a dragon, before the inferno collided with the ground and swirled over the mugger.

Wendy curled into a ball, and a white shape darted into the flames and dragged her out of it. Natsu landed, and Lucy began to cheer, but something was wrong. His eyes were pitch black and his skin was burnt in places. He spat on the ground and glared at the cowering shape on the ground. The man looked at him with fearful eyes.

"Never hurt my friends!"

Happy jumped in front of him. "Natsu, stop! What's done is done!" But Natsu pushed him aside and his fists began to glow.

"Fire Dragon Iron Fists!" He leapt at the man and slammed his hand down on him, and they both skid in different directions, smoke billowing out of the clearing, and soot smearing the ground.

Natsu lay on the ground, his sky icy cold. Lucy knelt beside him, eyes wide.

"What was that for? I thought you taught him a good enough lesson!"

Happy pulled Natsu out of his hunched ball so he laid flat. He had a few bleeding cuts on his fingers. The blue Exceed stared at his friend for a long time before the fire wizard groaned and pushed himself weakly to sit upright.

"Did I overdo it?" He said, wincing.

Happy kept his deeper concerns to himself, and simply nodded. "Aye."

The End

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