The Snowdrop Fairy- Maid of Febuary

The world is in it's deep sleep, it's cold, wet and grey. I was sitting in the snow one day, playing with the edge of my white petal dress, my blond hair falling across my shoulders in waves, and carring for my pretty snowdrop flower, when, oh my, a human child appeared! I hid myself quickly behind a stone close by and watched in terror as the child approched my defencless flower. The child reached out her giant hand to pick my beautiful flower! I couldn't stand for it! I flew upon my bumble bee wings and stopped infront of the little child's face hands on my hips.

"What do you think you're doing to my beautiful flower?" I demanded, the human child fell backwards on it's gigantic backside. It pointed a finger, as big as me, at me,

"WAH! Who- Who are you?!" She yelled in a stupidly loud voice,

"Why I am the Snowdrop Fairy. And please do not yell so much or point your gigantic finger at me." I answered simply, and behold the child got up and ran away!

"Oh wait little child-" But it was too late she was already gone, I fluttered down to my snowdrop flower and tried to sooth the poor dear down. Snowdrops are very easily scared, after soothing the flower down I went back to playing with my little white dress. Wanting so badly for spring to come so that I could play with all my other fairy friends. A shadow landed across me and I looked up to see a giant face looking down at me, I flew up in surprise and said,

"Now that was not very polite was it?" Straightening out my dress, I looked up to see a young girl standing before me, she had brown curly hair and and pink long sleeved dress on with white lace at the edge. Clutching onto her dress was the little girl I had seen before, I could see they were sisters for they both had brown curly hair and wore matching dresses.

"Why were you being a meanie to Amy", the older of the two children asked, I sighed and flew to sit on my flower lightly, motioning them to sit. The children sat crossed legged in front of my flower, the little sister sitting behind her older sister.

"I am afraid there has been a misunderstanding. So you are called Amy little one?" I asked the younger sister, who nodded nervously.

"Yes she is called Amy and I am called Tin" The older of the two answered,

"Oh what lovely names", I said "My name is the Snowdrop Fairy, but you may call me Snowdrop"

"Now you see, dear little Amy was trying to pick my flower which I could simply not allow you see?" Amy nodded slowly, while Tin glared at her sister.

"Why did you tell me a lie Amy?" Tin demanded, Amy looked like she was close to tears, so I injected.

"Well I'm afraid I may have been a bit rude and frightened her, but all is forgiven, but I have one question. Why, Amy, would you want to pick my beautiful flower.

Amy looked up and whispered "Tin told me that there were no flowers because the world was dead! But I said there was! And she called me a fibber so I came here to get the flower and show her."

"Oh my dear children, the World is not dead, even if it may seem to be. It is just in a deep sleep and though Spring may seem far away I can ensure you that the World shall awaken, for if it wouldn't I would not be here standing in the snow to welcome the World to a brand new Spring, now would I?" Both children nodded, and promised not to pick my Snowdrop flower.
I gifted them each with a Snowdrop flower that would not whilt and whished them fare well.

They came to visit everyday until they came to an age where they believed it to all be their imaginations, but their Snowdrop flower's still sit un-whilted in a box under their bed along with forgotten teddy bears and old toys.

The End

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