Fairies of the Spring

In the memory of my nana, a short collection of flower fairy stories, divided into three sections. Inspired by the book that my nana used to own and read to me as a child: The Book Of The Flower Fairies by Cicely M.Barker.
The first shall be the Fairies of the Spring, then the Fairies of the Summer and finally the Fairies of the Autumn

Chapter one- Spring Magic

Dear kind Sir or Madam,

We fairies have been around for years, centuries, for most of the world's life, and we can tell you it is very old. Even though it's old every year upon year it grows again, new grass pop's out, our flowers bloom and new life begins. It is the time that our new buds appear and we awaken from our tiny slumber to spread joy across the Meadows and wake all the furry critters that went to sleep too.

For we know the world is very old and needs help to wake all it's children, the world loves to watch us sing and play, enjoys the sight of happiness and love. So that is what we fairies are here for, as a new spring starts, we start the new sound of laughter and the awakening of all the furry critters. For the world is sometimes very sad, she weeps for the death of all her lovely children, the little flowers that cannot cope with the cold, but when we appear the world becomes glad. She loves to watch our parties that go on in the back yard, the little honey cakes that we love so much.

And we see the world is very old, but when we come and welcome the new spring she grows her spirits again and new life spouts to life. The air is filled with the chirp of new life, the land feels the pitter patter of baby feet and the flowers open their faces to say hello. The world grows young in the spring thanks to our fairy songs, that drift up the rivers and drift with the wind. Our fairy songs which cover the whole earth awakening everybody to the bright new day!

From the Flower Fairies of Spring

The End

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