Kaye sat outside in the small garden area, enjoying the warm weather, the smell of flowers, and the happy younger girls running around the general area. Rose was on a bench playing with her hair, Willow was strumming a harp by the small river, Ingrid was playing with the children, Daniel was presumably patrolling with Amelia, and King and Queen were inside, probably doing things for the family.

Kaye was the counselor and healer for the family. If the children were hurt or sick, she knew what to do. If the King and Queen were stressed, she was there to listen. Kaye thrived off of peace and harmony but knew exactly how to correct chaos and bad feelings. She was pleased to see Rose and Amelia didn't butt heads like Rose and the last Isa had.

Kaye watched as Amelia rode by slowly on her horse, giving a wave. Amelia returned it, smiling. Daniel soon appeared from the dirt path to meet Amelia. She hopped off her horse and walked by Daniel as he appeared to be talking. The sun was getting ready to set and dinner would be ready soon.

The children soon gravitated to Kaye as Ingrid had to go inside to finish preparing dinner for the night. Kaye couldn't help but think about Daniel. He had never seemed very interested in any of the new fairies. For some reason he gravitated towards Amelia. Kaye didn't blame him; she exuded just enough mystery to make one wonder about her, but was kind enough to draw you in.

Kaye looked forward to getting to know Amelia more as she stayed longer with the family.

The End

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