Willow strummed at her guitar when Ingrid and Kaye peeked their heads into her doorway.

"Willow!" Ingrid smiled. "That sounds lovely. But there's the new Isa you haven't met yet! She got here last night. Her name is Amelia, and she's lovely."

Willow couldn't help but smile as she continued plucking absent-mindedly. "Ingrid, you think everyone is lovely," she chuckled.

"Well, they are if you think about it," Ingrid smiled.

"Or if you don't think about it," Kaye laughed.

Willow finally set her instrument down and stood up. Making sure her black hair was back in its high, smooth ponytail and that her eyeliner was even around her brown eyes, she turned towards the other two fairies. "Okay. Can I meet her?" she asked.

"Yeah, she's getting ready to head out," Kaye said.

The three of them made their way to the kitchen where Amelia was finishing up breakfast. The children weren't up yet and the King and Queen were doing something else, so the fairies had the area to themselves.

"Hello, Amelia. I'm Willow Aria, the musician and entertainer of the house," she said kindly. She would have shook hands, but Amelia was still eating.

Amelia smiled and nodded in her direction. After swallowing, she gave a soft, "Nice to meet you, Willow."

Willow joined in conversation with Kaye and Ingrid as Rose entered and joined. Before they knew it, Amelia had finished eating and was at her post.

The End

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