Ingrid approached Rose and the new Isa in the living room. She smiled as she extended her hand. "I'm Ingrid Fila. The caretaker of the home and children," she cooed. Rose was tall and willowy with a beautiful complexion, as all Naveen did. But the new Isa, apparently named Amelia, was even taller, with lightly tanned skin, warm hazel eyes, and a military-like appearance from her strong build and regulation bun pulling her dark brown hair completely from her face.

Ingrid wanted to make sure everything went smoothly. Kaye, the Alma or counselor of the fairies, would also hope the peace stayed. Isa and Naveen tended to not mesh well due to their significantly different upbringings.

Isa lived in military installations in the middle of the woods, the mountains, or other rough terrain. They travelled through different environments constantly, learning valuable survival skills and how to become the ultimate soldier and protectors of noble families.

Naveen were raised in posh environments, taught about manners, beauty, and grace. They were rarely found outside the homes and generally found the blunt and unforgiving manner of Isa to be difficult to tolerate. Isa tended to dislike the naïve and bubbly thoughts of the Naveen.

But to have a well-rounded family, both were needed. Usually multiple Isa roamed a noble family's property, but here there would only be Amelia. Everyone else would generally stay inside, except to go outside for family time. Amelia would become very accustomed to being lonely, if she wasn't already.

Ingrid felt bad, but was happy to see Rose and Amelia getting along. Ingrid promised to herself that she'd make sure Amelia was included and welcomed with the other fairies.

The End

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