Rose Naveen sat at the vanity when she heard a door open and close. Daniel's voice vaguely drifted down the hallways, bouncing off the wood floor and stone walls.

Rose sighed as she looked in the mirror. As a Naveen, a fairy of beauty, expected to teach the females of noble families how to be women - and how to teach the males to be gentlemen - she was astounding. Rose had porcelain skin with warm brown eyes. Right now her honey blonde hair framed her face in a flattering way, but before leaving her room she would be expected to pull it back in some manner. She usually braided it back with a few pieces left loose, to border on the 'scandalous' line.

Fairies of different families - too many to count, but based by their last names - were held to many standards, but one reoccurring one was that they all had to pull their hair back. All fairies were female, at least that Rose knew of, and to leave their hair free when anywhere outside of their room was to signal being disowned. So as usual, Rose braided her long hair back, rising when finished to exit her room and see what Daniel was talking so loudly about.

After the maze of hallways and rooms, she arrived in the living room to see Daniel and the family gathered around someone Rose didn't recognize. She padded quietly and politely forward to introduce herself.

Daniel had taken to standing off to the side of the living room with Olivia and Anne, the other children of King and Queen as she addressed them as. The children simply called them Father and Mother. King saw Rose waiting and smiled, turning the new fairy towards her for introductions.

"Rose, meet Amelia Isa! Amelia, this is Rose Naveen." The two fairies shook hands, exchanging pleasant smiles, as the other fairies of the household began arriving.

The End

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