Amelia Isa arrived at her new assignment point: A rather old, dank, and hidden cave. Approaching the hole at the bottom of the cliff, she could make out a very heavy-looking wooden door and the flickering of a light from inside. She was met by a teenage boy.

"Are you the new Isa?" he asked. Once she nodded, he approached her and her horse. "I'm Daniel. I'll be leading you to the stables to house your animal for the night, then we'll get you settled."

Amelia rocked side to side in the saddle as this Daniel boy led her to the forest to the right of where the cliff turned sharply northwards. There was a thin dirt path that eventually led to well-kept wooden stables. If the outdoor housing for animals was this nice, she assumed the old look of the cave and the door wouldn't reflect what was inside. From the family she was requested by, she wouldn't have expected it to be run down, anyways.

Daniel helped Amelia down and take the gear off her horse. Once settled and fed, she was led back up the short trail and to the door of the cave. "The family is looking forward to you being a new addition to the family," he said. "We are well-known for thinking highly of and treating fairies well."

Amelia merely nodded her head, not speaking as she was generally instructed. She sighed as Daniel led her into the home to be a soldier for yet another family.

The End

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