Fair-Dale high school is a ordanary school, but weird things start going on....and people go missing....


I truge to my next class, feeling down. Why do we have to learn Spanish? WHY???

Who would do such a thing to the world? Why can't everyone speak english? I mean, Iit's simpler that french or spanish. But at Fair-Dale, we take french AND spanish!! How unfair?!

As I walk up to spanish, my phone goes off and a random teacher yell's at me to turn it off.

"OI! FAITHIO!!!"Shout's my best mate Kelly. I grin down at her, she's really short. Most people call me Faith because they have faith in me on the footie team ever since I won the county tournament.

I was proud of that, I had the trophy on my shelf for like, a year, but then they made me give it back so they could re-engrave someone elses name onto it. Harsh or what?

Kelly grumbles something about a alien abducting the spanish teacher as we walk into the classroom.

The End

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