My breasts felt like shit. They were bruised badly by those sadistic bastards. Boobs are terrible things to have under these circumstances and nice boobs like mine made it worse. I wished they were smaller although I don’t think that would have stopped these guys from copping a feel every time they “interrogated” me. At least they hadn’t yet started in on my other female equipment - yet.

I didn’t even know why I was in here. “one of them.” he’d said. What the f@uck did that mean?

My mouth was dry. Drier than it had been in my entire life. As I opened it, hardened blood cracked and fell to the floor. My head had an anvil inside and there was a Blacksmith pounding out some iron in there.

I shook my head and tried to get some feeling back into my arms and hands. I’d been out cold and hanging from my wrists for God only knows how long. Shit that hurt!

I could smell the scent of urine. Evidently, I had pissed myself during the time I’d been in some other reality. Every bit of me hurt, from top to bottom.

As I tried hard to keep it together, I took in my surroundings. I was in a large room with a cement floor that had been polished. The walls were made out of cement block and painted a mint green which looked even more minty in the florescent lights that hung in two rows from the ceiling. Thee was a steel beam running the entire length of the room and at various places, chains hung down. Just like the chains I was feeling now, around my wrists.

At one end of the room I could see a set of metal double doors; like the ones in school gymnasiums and they were painted a tan color. There was a square window in each of the doors and a metal push-bar in the middle.

There were no other windows in the room. No one was there besides me but there were two security cameras on either end of the place.

As I was spinning around, taking inventory of my cuts and bruises and getting my bearings as to where I was. One of the metal doors gave a loud “bang!” and burst open. My eyes shot to the spot where the noise came from, to find a large muscled man coming through the door in military fatigues.

As soon as he got close enough for me to hear he shouted “Hell-of-a-day huh?!”

“Yeah.” I spat. “Hell-of-a-day is right, you prick! Now get me down from here!”

“We waited till you woke up Pam.” Ryan said as he came up to me. “You look and smell like shit babe!”

My arms came falling down as locks gave way to keys that released me.

“Here ya go Pam.” Ryan said handing me a diet Orange soda.

I looked at him sideways and smiled. “Orange! You remembered!” and popped open the beverage…..

The End

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