Fair and EdgedMature

I shrieked in pain as the blade sliced through my delicate skin, leaving behind a trail of scarlet blood. I tried hard to force myself not to cry, but it's difficult not to when you're chained to a wall while being cut by knives.
I struggled against the tight binds of the chains, as I tried to get free. But I had no success.
"I thought I told you to be quiet?" The man said, as he pressed a knife to my neck. Instinctively, I lifted my chin up slightly, as though that would reduce the chances of me being cut. Yeah, not likely.
"Please...Tell me..." I begged, feeling a warm stream of tears going down my cheeks. "Why are you doing this?" The man laughed lightly, and removed the knife from my neck only to press his hand against my side on my bare skin. He leaned his head in close to me, and whispered in my ear.
"Because," He started, just as I felt another knife being pressed against my side. "You're one of Them." He said, just as he sliced another long slice against my skin. Immediately after, he raised the knife above my head and brought the hilt down onto my head with such power, I was forced into a deep sleep.


The End

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