Fainting on Cue

    The first thing I remember after opening my eyes (not that I remember that; I'm only assuming because I could see, if only just the black lights--black lights? Does that make sense?--dancing in front of my eyes) was feeling like I was going to hurl. The feeling seemed to be even less pleasant than usual, particularly because this was a nice rug and I didn't want to vomit on it. A nice rug? No, I had been in my bedroom, the rug in there was less-than-nice... Ah! I remembered! I had been moving out into the hallway to introduce myself to the party-goers and had tripped. I could remember getting up (my right arm had hurt; I must have hit it on something) but everything after that was a blank.

    I tried to pull myself up, but that only strengthened the unpleasant ill feeling--and besides, I still couldn't see anything but those damned black lights. So I dropped my body back down. I opened my mouth to let out a miserable moan. What was happening to me? Was this what dying felt like? No, no, I was only fifteen, what reason would I have to be dying?! I was fine, dammit! Re-energized, I hoisted myself into a sitting position. I felt something coming upward, through my throat, and I opened my mouth, forgetting the rug, but nothing happened. Funny. I must have imagined it. But I still couldn't see. That was a problem. Had I gone blind?

    I tried to stand up, but the world tilted at that and I fell back down. I whipped my head around, trying desperately to remember which way was up. Please tell me being blind wouldn't be like this all  the time. "Mom..." I called, hoping she would know what to do. She was only out in the living room, after all, she should have been able to hear me? Was I calling as loud as I thought I had? My hearing had gone as crazy as my sight?

    I pulled myself up again, keeping one hand to the wall so I could remember which direction was which. I was dizzy, but I could stay standing if I didn't move my hand. "Mom!" I cried again, a little louder this time (at least I thought so). The black lights danced feverishly. I closed my eyes to keep them from making me even dizzier, but that didn't stop them in the least. I moaned again. "Honey?" I heard my mother's voice call back. Finally! I would be fine if she made it! Not able to keep my feet steady anymore, I collapsed back onto the rug. Such a nice rug... Snap out of it, Anna! Keep your mind working! Yes... I would have to. What time was it again?

    My mother's footsteps had increased in frequency at the bang from my fall. "Anna?" she called nervously. She was beginning to sound a little bit panicky. So were the other voices, those of the party-goers. How was I noticing this all? It was as if, rather than hearing and observing, I simply knew. Damn black lights. I had half a mind to cut my eyes out if they wouldn't stop.

    "Anna!" My head was pounding. Her voice seemed far away. I felt like I had to vomit again. "Anna! Keep your head down!" It seemed like a strange request. Why keep my head down? Were we hiding from somebody? Was someone shooting at us? What about the party? But I did as I was asked, desperate to get rid of those black lights and that sickening feeling in my throat. I tried to keep my breathing even, and within about thirty seconds I noticed that the black lights were filing off of the stage of my vision. I felt better. I also noticed that my mother's hand was placed gently on the small of my back. "Mom?"

    "Anna..." she sounded relieved. This time I observed it, I didn't know it. "I think you fainted, sweetie. Maybe we should call off the party."

    "Okay..." I mumbled, too woozy to object to ending her fun.

    That was the first time I passed out. It wouldn't be the last.

The End

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