"So Jillian, is this what you normally do, pestering drunks in bars or did I just happen to capture your attention?" The man said with disdain as he slouched back in his seat at the woman's table.

"No, certainly not what your inferring anyway. And my name's Lorraine and if you can't remember that you're much worse off than I thought."

"Spare me your reprimands. If I wanted a lecture I'd get drunk at a university."

"Very drole. Very drole indeed. This was obviously a mistake, good day."

The man bit his tongue as she stood to leave as if to cleanse it of it's acidic sharpness. "Please, don't go. I am sorry, I've just had a dreadful day. Let's restart the conversation shall we? Lorraine was it?"

Lorraine turned her dark brown eyes upon him, an eyebrow raised as she sat down again. "Yes. Lorraine, Lorraine O'Hare."

The man smiled before introducing himself. "I'm Johnathan Church, pleased to meet you."

With introductions made an tempers cooled, they stared each other in the eyes for a long time. The silence was broken as they both began to speak, then again as they laughed at the mutual interruption. They both had a scheme in mind for the other and they both knew it.

If there's one thing it can be said a grifter knows best, it's spotting another grifter.

The End

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