Failure... what is it... Exactly?

Failure... why is it so hard to accept? What do we actually fear? Is it the thought of failing... or that of having to do it all over again... or more so the useless, illogical comparisons with our fellow beings... that makes a stupid exam a race for life. What is the despair that we go through? Is it actually something to be so ashamed of? Or is it just a hypothetical situation crafted by us to feel miserable just to avoid the re- input of hard work we have to put in all over again? Is failing really that big... or we... for our own comfort... make it gigantic? What are we scared of exactly... is it really losing... or maybe what we bury inside us... wining? Losing is not so bad after all... what does it have in store for us... just a couple more months of the same old schedule... prepare to break the frontier again. But honestly... do we really want to move ahead? Do we really want to succeed? Why is it that even 10 days before an exam/ interview/ presentation... we have an increased pulse rate... 'nails all chipped up' mood. The only thing in our minds... 'will i pass or will i not?'. But... the moment we enter the examination hall and see that the question paper is way above the preparation... we smile to ourselves... like saying... "looks like johnny will have to study his ass off all over again". What is that smile? Is it a ashamed one... or that of a sigh of relief? Honestly... do we really want to pass that exam... and move ahead in our lives... or is the old saying true... that man is still an animal... still fears changes in his day to day life? So what exactly is it... that makes success and failure... things beyond the greatest minds of any of the centuries? Is it that these things are so complicated and puzzling... that you would have to be Godly to understand it... or may be they just don't exist... may be its a script going on... that politely tells us... 'Dear pitiful peasant... its no use trying to make out the viability of the master plan... so why don't you quietly get to your old unthinking miserable self... and work endlessly for my entertainment... just like the FOOLISH, UNWORTHY BEASTS OF BURDEN...'

The End

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