Fail poem- feeling type thing which is about me but the same time....Mature

one page describing my wonderfully simple thoughts and emotions. :D

Like I have said on many things I'am Kevin.I.Rundle, and I live in British Columbia Canada.  As for the rest I like skiing , biking and a lot of sports. For the more emotional levelled me continue reading there isn't a lot to me one cuz I'm a guy, two I have a great family , and three my life doesn't suck , and I don't have emotional issues.

So basically on a day to day base I have one median which is nothing. Yup absolutely nothing just a blank sheet tentatively waiting for someone to temporarily colour the blank page but even then the whiteness will take over, and I will feel nothing. Is that normal? I think so, anyways I've never felt the feeling of love even though I swore I was in love with my most recent ex but every night I questioned swearing i felt nothing, just pretending I did.  Maybe I'm not capable or maybe its the people around me who are the colourless ones.

Sometimes I don't think I belong in this version of earth maybe I was supposed to be in a parallel dimension because I swear no one here will like above the degree of friend, all of the girls i talk to say they just think that i'm truly meant for someone else but that's not the source of my questions, its just the fact I feel utterly and completely alienated even though I'm surrounded by people with great personalities. So why am I different? Is it where I live or is always just going to be trapped between reality and my imagination?


The End

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