‘I had seen and desired you long before, and once men see me, they follow after me in little time,’

‘And now where are we to go? This country holds wonder, perhaps Londontown or -,’

‘I shall step no deeper foot on your land than I have here.’ She had been sure and stern towards me, giving me no option but to obey. ‘My kind does not belong in this world. We cause anomaly with each moment we exist on this plain. If you are to remain bound to me, you must come with me,’

‘But how can such a thing be done?’

‘Using the powers given to me,’ she’d said, turning to me so that her hair brushed her pale, elegant neck and quickened by blood. ‘Trust in me, Daniel Sherwood. The place where I shall take you has much more than moving trees. Where I was born, trees sing to my voice, and my kind exists for centuries longer than your kind. I shall give you the immortality that, with me alone, will only be wasted.’

Doubt had formed in my mind, my heart aching in the small compartment that she had not taken hold of. ‘My children. Jane, Christopher, I cannot simply leave them…’

I had turned away for a moment, my love for her wavering, and she had pulled me back with immortal strength, shouting so loud and shrill that ravens perched on rotting branches above had fled towards the calm. 'No!'

I had stopped, such was her control, and with just a kiss, my soul was penetrated by hers again. Our lips close, she had reassured me in a whisper, her lashes flickering against my cheeks.

‘Leave this forest and we shall never meet again. The trees shall preserve me and the way that I came, moving and warping the path. Your children are mortal, and now, they are the children of a widow. You are dead to this world, alive in mine. The children I shall bear for you will outrank them in beauty and talent so that they become a distant memory.’

She did not accomplish this, for though my child is far more beautiful than little Jane or Christopher could ever grow to be, I think of them, and of how they must have died believing to have met me in the kingdom of heaven. Yet, they were disappointed, for I remain here in the transcendence of life, and I shall never be with them again.

I had gone with Caitriona willingly, each string of my heart tying around her and following her to whatever world she bid me to go. I remember that, at the edge of the Forest where a mountain rose in its glory above us, there had been ancient runes carved into the stone, in a language that only my love had known. Speaking the words, I remember the glow of the godliest light through which she had taken me, and though my life may now be shadowed in the darkness of those who may hate us and wish ill upon us, for all of this life that I share with her, I shall remember the day that she came to me. It was the day that I died, and the day I began to live again; forever and always.


I bid thee sleep, I bid thee dreams,

Where Truth is never as it seems,

I pray Mani watch over thee,

As you drift far away from me.

The End

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