An email intercepted by the NSA on grounds of suspicious activity.  Was dropped shortly thereafter due to insufficient evidence.



I went out with Chiro to get some food, and pick up some more Oxycodone.  I know you said we shouldn't steal from them, but...  We get the nightmares, too, Katie.  Chiro especially.

Didn't want to disturb you - saw you were busy sharpening your Kukri.  And I know you check the computer every night...  God knows why, but you do.

BTW, I wanted to talk to you about something.  I've noticed that whenever a fog bank descends on our neighborhood, this kid comes out...  He wears loose jeans and a red hoodie (hood up) and has a gas mask on.  This morning, I saw what he was doing.

He was writing graffiti on the wall northeast of the 7-11, opposite our apartment exactly.  As in, I get an uncannily good angle of it if I look out the kitchen window.  Weirdest thing, though, was that - this morning, when I was watching him - as soon as he finished, he turned around slowly and stopped his gaze at our apartment building.  He looked up and pointed at...  I swear to God he was pointing at me, Katie.  Then he disappeared.

The graffiti was some odd shit, though.  All it said was "it's You." in bold red letters.  Disturbing, am I right?

Catch you later,


The End

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