A Charred NoteMature

Police Report:  The following note was found by this, the Seattle P.D. on an arson investigation.  The writer is assumed to be the owner of this burnt-down house:  Charles Kent, a retired librarian.  His charred corpse was found next to the only surviving structure in the building - the brick fireplace.

Only a portion of the letter is still readable.
"...would love to help you, Katie, but the risk far outweighs the reward for me in this situation.  You just escaped Faerie, so you're rather 'fresh' on the matter, so to speak.

Changelings like you and me are unfortunately common, especially so near to the forests as we are.  It is sad...  But True Fae like The Master simply cannot be toppled by the likes of us.  We are best suited to pretend to be the people we once were - try to ignore the perpetual threat They pose to us.

Look at me.  Twenty years out of Fae, and I can almost call myself content.

Going after him like that is just reckless.  We need to stay outside their radar, and safe.  

You've seen them, haven't you?  Late at night in the treeline, scouting for victims.  It's very frightening, isn't it?  And they are going after other people.  Imagine what it would be like if they were after you..."

The rest of the note is illegible, due to thermal damage as well as what appears to be blood.  Final note, there is an odd abundance of unharmed flower petals on the ground, all around the body.

The End

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