The ScarecrowsMature


I hope this letter finds you well, and that you're thoroughly enjoying your summer in Guam.  Unfortunately, I feel I must call upon your research expertise once again.  

I found a rather strange anomaly in the woods the other day: an odd etching into the side of a tree.  Scratched, rather than etched actually...  It really piqued my interest.  Here it is:

The Court of Scarecrows watches
Watches all the time
Ruling Faerieland from tattered cross
'Midst fields of Sage and Thyme.
They watch you in your sleep
Yes they watch you in your bed
Speak not a whispered word of them
Or Rot will take your head.

The tidbit I find odd is this "Rot."  Not only was this word capitalized, but it was twice the size of all the rest of the text - leading me to believe that Rot is an actual living entity.


--Tina Eason, Ph.D

The End

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