The Fetcher - Come at meMature

Letter to the Mistress of Sevens

To "Mistress of Sevens",

Fuck you.  And your ugly-ass friends.

You may know my old name, but that don't mean shit anymore.  I'm more powerful than you, and I picked the winning side here.  The fact that I'm even replying to your ill-advised letter is ridiculous.  I could be working right now, but I'm not.

You think you're powerful now?  All the energy you feel inside you came from them.  You absorbed what little "power" you got from your rightful owners, girl.  Best remember that.  I fetched you then, and I can return you to Him any time he goddamn-well pleases.

Come at me, Katie.  I dare you.

--The Fetcher

P.S.  By the way, how's your sister?  Fucking dead.  You're welcome.

The End

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