Deceased 15-year-old GirlMature

The following is a torn page from the diary of one, Kim Blackwood.


Oh god, Katie...  What the hell happened.

It was an awesome day today, too.  During that Freshman Orientation meeting Katie skipped, Weston dropped me a note.  He wanted to go out to Sammy's on Thursday.  I was so excited...  But now -- Katie...

It was 6:30.  Katie walked out of the East side of the park.  East.  At 6:30?  Katie always got back from Cross-Country at exactly 5:55, running back at a brisk pace so that I could time her run home from when her practice got out at 5:45.  And East?  I didn't know there was a trail on the East side.

But she just walked inside, didn't mention anything about her time, and sat down for dinner.

We started eating, Katie sitting across from me for some reason rather than her normal spot to my right.  Dad and Mom didn't seem to care.  So just to test it, I did the sign: medium sigh followed by two clicks.  "What's wrong?"

Nothing.  Not even a head turn.  

I did it twice more, louder each time until Mom told me to stop.

After dinner, I couldn't stop myself from crying.  I threw up in the bathroom while my iPod covered the noise with stupid pop bands.  

Katie, we were doing that sign for thirteen years.   I read those books about identical twins being supernaturally connected and all that...  Never believed a word.  But now, that connection?  It's like I'm holding a phone talking to no one - the other line is just dangling by the wire.

And now I lay here, right under her on the bunkbed.  I don't know much about anything...

But that thing above me is not my sister.

Update:  Sneaked out.  There is no trail on the East side of the park.  Not even a makeshift one.  Where she came out of the treeline, the forest goes on for five feet and then drops 30 feet straight down into a creek.  What the everloving fuck.

Kim Blackwood was found deceased two weeks later, this piece of paper grasped in her hand.  Unnatural causes and signs of physical assault were present on the body - thorns stuck deep into her skin.

The End

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