I love youMature


I'm not dead.

Please don't tell anyone about this letter.  Anyone.  I fucking mean it.  They -- People are looking for me right now, and if they find me they will do...  Unspeakable things to me.  I know it because I've been through it before.

That thing that sleeps in your bed every night...  It looks like me.  It sounds like me, and by god it probably seems exactly like me, but it isn't.  They put it there to trick you into thinking they hadn't taken me.

But this is where you're amazing, honey...  I've been watching for almost a week now.  The neighbors, the...  Our kids...  My kids.  It's fooled all of them - but not you.  I see you watching the treeline at night, looking for what's missing.  That bottle of jack you kept for when the Huskies lost has grown to a full liquor cabinet you hide in your study.  

You give me hope to get through it all.  And when I find these people...  The men that did this to me and my friends...  We can finally be back together again.  I promise.

I love you so fucking much.  Please let me be right about this.


P.S.  Burn this after you read it.  Do not try to reply.  She...  It will find it, and then you will be murdered in your sleep.

The End

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