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Once upon a time, humans weren't the only sentient beings that walked this universe. There is another people out there. They kidnap your children, torture them with images beyond your wildest imaginings, and murder to their hearts content. Your darkest nightmares aren't make believe: They're real.

Note from Chiro

I'm not like the others.

Well, perhaps I should rephrase...  Of course we all have our differences.  Cassidy is more of a giant snow monster, and I'm more like an otter...  But there's something more defining than that.  Something shaping our lives:

The others may not remember anything that happened in that other place.  All they recall is getting back.  Every one catches small snippets of the horrors, but their main thoughts of the past are more happy memories.  The ones from before.

Lucky bastards.

I don't get any of that.  I know I was only twelve, but...  you think I'd catch a glimpse of my mother's face.  Not even her face, maybe.  Just her smell or the sound of her voice.  Maybe just her holding me.  Is that too much to ask?  One memory of a family?  Apparently.  It's all gone, and as far as I know it never existed.

But I remember everything that happened while I was there.  Every.  Fucking.  Detail.

It's vivid.  Everything there is hyper realistic to the point where it hurts.  Talking hurts, seeing hurts...  Breathing hurts.  And they remember almost none of it.  I suppose I've gotten over the injustice of that fact, but I do have a reason behind pointing this out:

I say this because some of my kind have questioned my decisions when it comes to...  Certain things...  This is why:  I have a different perspective.  Every choice I make, I do so with full knowledge of what is in Faerie.  Just...  Waiting.

I'm giving the contents of my journal to Twitch, so she can hopefully compile it and make it into something legible, and more importantly truthful.  

The last thing I want to leave you with is this:  We're not alone.  Beneath the canopies of the forest lie evil beings.  They scheme, kidnap your children, adn torture them with gore beyond your wildest dreams.

Never forget.

I sure as hell won't.

The End

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