The Boy

Thorn picked herself up off the ground. She flapped her wings experimentally, and began to hover once more. She could see Thistle high above, and could almost picture her impatience as she waited for Thorn to return.

Grinning, she prepared to rise higher--


What? She lost her concentration, and fell back to the ground. She managed to land on her feet, though. She looked up and saw a boy!

A boy the same size as her, without any wings! "Um... hi," she said. "I'm Thorn. Who are you?"

"I'm Thumbelinus," he returned. "Wow, your wings are pretty."

Thorn fluttered her wings in pride. Amethyst-colored, sparkling with golden glitter and threaded with silver, they were among the most beautiful wings any faerie had.

"Thanks, Thumbelinus. I'm learning how to fly!"

"Can I learn too?" the boy asked eagerly.

"Er... well, you don't have wings," Thorn pointed out.

"My father doesn't have wings, and he flies," Thumbelinus retorted.

"Really?" Thorn asked, intrigued. "How?"

"Magic," the boy said conspiratorially. "He's a wizard."

"Is that how you got to be faerie size?" Thorn wondered. "He magicked you?"

"Well," the boy began, "it's a long story..."

The End

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