Faeries of Snowdrop Fells

Thorn is a faery. One of the last faeries in the whole of the fells. But when humans attempt to settle in the fells, Thorn and all the other faeries are in grave danger. Thorn must work together with the others to save their home.

Thorn pulled the dark green woven grass tunic over her head.  She glanced over her shoulder, making sure her wings were through the slits.  She pulled on a pair of light silky leggings made from the silk worms of the fells where she lived, Snowdrop fells to be exact. She pulled on woven grass boots and a woven grass hat. She shook her head and her dark waist length black hair swirled around her. The faeries of the fells lived inside trees and other plants, totally eco-friendly. Thorn and her family lived inside of an elm tree. Well, her family and several other families. It was like a block of flats. She and her family lived at the very top. Around their tree there were several others, making up  Bluebell Town. There were other towns not far off such as Sunflower city and Blackberry village. She fluttered out of the door to her apartmant and into the corridor. Suddenly, she realised the time. there were twelve windows on the top for of the elm, and when the sun shone through one it showed the present time. She gave a start and hurried off. The sun was shining halfway between the eighth window and the ninth! She was going to be late! She skidded down the corridor and through the door at the other end coming out onto the top most branch. She fluttered quickly away. She must not be late for her first day at Honey's school for faeries! It was in the big oak, several tree lengths away. She would have to move fast.

The End

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