I rolled over and sat up. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't believe that I had agreed to allow a dragon to fly away with my precious baby girl, Sarah Morgan. Not only that, but they were flying to the stronghold of the evil Van Helsings! The little bit of sleep I was able to get since their departure, was full of fitful dreams.

I saw my best friend Morgan being battered about by wind and water, along with some friends of hers. I saw her running out of a house in tears, then she ran toward the edge of a village, where she took flight with a brand new pair of wings!

I knuckled the tears of pride and worry out of my eyes, as I glanced down at my sleeping husband, through the half light of dawn. His sleep wasn't very restful, either. I gathered the blankets around my nightgown as a sharp rap on the oaken door signalled that we had company. Thalion sat up and put an arm around me, protectively.

May we come in?” aunt Sarah called through the door.

Come in, aunt Sarah,” I called.

Aunt Sarah entered the room with the ghostly seer, Miriam. She was solid for the moment, but she had a tendency to fade out altogether when she experienced strong emotions. She walked toward the end of the bed, Where Thalion and I sat.

I just had the longest dream ever, Miss Gloria. Baby Sarah Morgan is fine, but there are some developments you should be aware of. The vision started with an evil magical creature that came flying at Galen and Llewellyn as they flew toward the Van Helsing stronghold. The creature frightened Sarah Morgan, and she screamed her head off.”

I patted the bed beside me.

Come here, Miriam. Tell me everything.”

Miriam settled herself on the bed beside me, and began her tale. What follows is a condensed version of what she told me.

Llewellyn spewed fire, as the drael screeched toward them! The smoke and flames that hissed out of the dragon's mouth, amazed everyone. The drael's screech stopped short with a hiccough, as he hovered out of range of the fire breathing dragon. Sarah Morgan stopped screaming, when Llewellyn's mouth seemed to turn into a bonfire. She peered up at the bright light and billowing smoke from her safe little nest in the dragon's talons.

It was too far away to generate enough heat to concern the child, so she wasn't frightened, just fascinated.

Llewellyn stopped the fire works and stared at the confused drael, who knew nothing about the return of the two friends' full powers. Galen suddenly realized that the drael was no longer a deterrent from the two boys running away.

Any attempt to leave, had been stooped by the drael's strong claws, and sharp teeth. Llewellyn's fiery breath would keep the drael far enough away to protect them. Galen looked around him to see if the force field surrounding the stronghold had been reinstated after they entered the compound. Its murky blood red haze was usually visible from a distance. He couldn't tell now though, because Fancy Anne and James were still floating about them as a concealing ocean mist. He had to know if the force field was there, before he told his dragon friend about his plans.

James ... Fancy Anne! I need to talk to you, but keep your forms as a mist.” Galen called, in a hoarse whisper.

What is it, Galen?” James' face appeared beside the boy's head, as the mist continued to swirl around them.

Can you see an ugly blood red haze behind you, over the ocean?”

No, Why?”

Galen's pterodactyl wings quivered violently with excitement. Fancy Anne's face popped up on the other side of Galen's head.

What's going on, Galen? Your wings are dissipating our mist.”

Sorry, Fancy Anne. I'll keep them still. I just came up with an amazing plan, but it will take all four of us to make it work.”


Listen fire breather, I have a great idea. Get closer, so we can talk. Turn off your after burner, though. I don't want my wings to get singed.”

Llewellyn moved closer and pointed his snout inland.

I don't know how to shut it off yet, but it only seems to breathe flames when I'm mad, scared, upset, any of those strong emotions. So what's this great idea, Galen?”

Lets escape this horrible place, and go back to Peace Island, where they seem to actually like us.”

"We can't, the force field ...” Llewellyn began.

Isn't there anymore.” Galen interrupted. “ Mr. And Mrs. Evil have no magic of their own, and I don't hear or sense the wizard anywhere, so they can't stop us!”

But we've got to get Ash, remember? That's the only reason we came back.”

I know. We'll go to Ash's old room, where he lived before he left. .You might get some sense of where he might be, now that you have super dragon senses. James and Fancy Anne can cover us as a thick fog.”

Okay ... but it's been a long time since we've seen Ash. I'm not even sure what he would look like, though. “

I know, but we have to start somewhere.”

While this discussion continued, Judas and Elektra Van Helsing watched from the battlements in confusion. The scream of an infant stopped suddenly, as the mist over the ocean seemed to thicken and move inland. Electra trained her long distance binoculars on the shore line.

She could see nothing but the drael, who crept painfully toward the stronghold. He was charred and blackened, and his wings seemed to have been burned down to small nubs. This amazing sight amazed her. She had no explanation at all for it. She had heard an infant's cry, but she hadn't heard anything else for at least fifteen minutes.

The End

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