The usual Tracks


The blanket of light, which shone through the canopy of forest above, slowly began dimming as the horses rhythmically beat their metal hoofs on the soft dirt path. A natural silence fell over the group as we listened to the peace of the land, I knew too well that this may be my last chance to ever do so in this world.  Morgan was semi conscious probably through sheer exhaustion, but her horse didn’t seem to mind as it took its eloquent stride next to mine.  As we dismounted Morgan slowly stirred from her sleep riding. It felt good to finally have Morgan home after her ordeal, I had hoped we could relax to a warm meal and I could find out what actually happened past the frantic babbles of other kids. A high pitched scream broke this hope in an ear shattering moment. Latina screeched at a poor terrified Morgan, before Kain and I could do anything Morgan had already run crying out of the door.

“Latina!”  Kain stood and threw his hands onto the table, causing everything to clatter worriedly as if each cup and plate was terrified of its own demise.

“That girl! That girl Kain! She will bring NO good to this family, I want her gone!!”

“Latina she Is family!”

“No Kain, she’s your family, and by protecting her you’re risking our family. I have a duty in this household, and I will not abandon my children’s safety like you so have!”

With that she stormed out of the room. Seconds later we heard a door slam somewhere in the house.

“Mike I am so sorry” Kain turned to me.

“No, I understand, she must have seen Morgan’s back, it may have progressed a lot since I last saw her.”

Kain sighed “Let’s just find her before she gets into trouble, its not safe for her around here with all the human haters around.”

“Kain, you stay with Latina and the kids, I don’t want your family put in any more danger than I’ve already inflicted on you.”

He nodded and threw me my coat. If it had an opinion I’m sure it would be complaining at the lack of time it gets to rest in this place. Quickly untying my horse I desperately tried to work out where Morgan would have gone. She didn’t know this place, the only way she had ever come through our land was from the forest, it was probably the best place to start, but defiantly not the best place for her to be as the darkness slowly grew.  Trying to connect on our link was impossible, Morgan was  too distressed for me to latch on to and locate. 

I stopped my horse in a clearing in the forest, and desperatly looked round it for any sign of morgan, I turned up my ear reception and still nothing. “Morgan?” I called desperatly as a rode on through the forest,  I couldnt see any tracks anywhere and I started to loose hope she had come this way, or even run. It normally takes weeks for people to get used to their wings.... but then again Morgan never really had followed in the usual tracks.  

The End

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