Exhausted Babbling

I slowly sink to the floor after the door shuts, exhaustion threatening to overcome me. I close my eyes and reach out for nature. It is there. I can feel it through the walls, though I could not tell you where we are in this grand structure. My father’s presence beside me shines like a beacon of light. He kneels.

~Morgan~ his link voice is soft and concerned though colored through with pride.

I open my eyes.

“They took Sarah Morgan,” I whisper, slowly rising to my feet.


How Dad manages to muffle his cry I am not sure, for I can feel the rage of fire building inside him. I close my eyes again and reach out far away and across the lands. I am met by the calmness of the Island, though we are so far away.

“She is safe,” I open my eyes again. Before my father speaks I continue, “I don’t know how I know, but I think, I think Peace Island is watching over her, keeping her safe.”

I study my pendant in silence for a while. Touching each point I can sense the overall being of each person entwined. Gloria and Thalion clearly worried, yet not frantic. Another indicator that Sarah Morgan, though captured by the Van Helsings, is protected. Sarah Morgan is peaceful. I presume she is asleep. Granma B, Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah are animated and I wonder if they are planning. Dad of course here with me is full of worry and pride. The last point is my mother. I do not expect to sense much yet the moment my finger touches it I feel immense love. And then Ash, his hair and mine entwined in the center.

He is in torment and I cannot help but sob. I try my best to swallow it, but my Dad senses it. He pulls me into his chest and kisses the top of my head.

“It will be okay. I’m sure Queen Helena will keep your grandfather from being too contrary.”

My grandfather, the words spark thoughts in my head. Cecil of Ollerond, who had been my examiner, he had interrupted the meeting and Dad had called him Dad. Stepping back slightly I look up at my Dad.

“Cecil is my grandfather?”

“I'm afraid so.” There is a slight chuckle to his voice.

“He laughed when I nearly drowned!” The words are said before I think. I clap a hand over my mouth.

 “What?” Dad’s fuming again. He places his hands on my shoulders and lowers himself to be at my level. “What did he do?”

“Nothing,” I state. Dad clearly doesn’t believe me. “I mean nothing besides being a big imposing voice in my ear, unless he sent one of the natural disasters at us, but I think that was the point of the second day anyway.”

“Natural disasters?” Dad obviously hadn't heard much of what my group had said. Then again they had been all talking at once.

“Yes and,” I stop myself from continuing to babble. Exhaustion is definitely getting to me. But talking is one way to keep myself awake and not thinking about what is going on behind those large doors.

“Maybe I should start from the beginning, when they took us into the woods?”

"I would love to hear it." My Dad seems relieved. He probably needs distraction as much as I do right now.

So I tell him about the test. I tell him about each of the four Idols I went after, but leave out Zack’s cheating. I tell him how I had to use Earth to get into to the Greater Idol, but not how I thought it had called me Morgan Le Fae. I tell him about the so called emergency on the second day. I tell him about each of the natural disasters. I tell him how we all worked together, but not about Zack. I leave a lot of things out about Zack, including my healing of him. I don't know why, but I do. By the time I am done there is nothing but pride swelling in my father’s chest.

“I don’t think,” he says, “there is anything your grandfather can do to keep you from passing.”

“I hope not.” Until it’s a given I keep my sliver of doubt, though my heart leaps with joy knowing my father is right.

The End

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