The Island

The island spirit watched the helicopter approach, with great interest. The time had come to prepare for battle.  All of those groups who were willing to help, would gather here. The Van Helsings must be lured to the island, where  the forces of good would have the best chance of vanquishing the forces of evil.

Ben stood alone at the top of the cliff, watching the Helicopter turn North toward the helipad.  The spirit joined him. Ben and Sarah Morgan were the only ones who could actually see it in its visible form.

"The spirit of Devil's Flat is with Mrs. B. and Petey,"  the island remarked.

"Is he? I haven't heard from Mrs. B. since she called to tell us they were coming."

"Yes he is, and he is not happy about leaving solid ground."

Ben smiled. It amused him to know that such a fearsome entity as the spirit of Devil's Flat was afraid of something. His smile faded when a sudden thought of Sarah Morgan made him worry.

"What is happening with Sarah Morgan, Spirit? Is she alright?"

"As you know, I cast a protection spell on her, which gave me a link to her well being. I have only felt sudden fear from her, but it dissipated.  She is either asleep, or no longer afraid. The dragon will not allow anything to harm her. I put a spell on him to protect her at all costs."  The island spoke with absolute confidence. Its spells were extremely effective.

Ben turned away from the cliff, and headed inland toward the helipad. the spirit stayed with him. They arrived just as the helicopter landed.  The pilot waited till the rotors had stopped spinning, to open the doors for the passengers to disembark.

The spirit of Devil's  Flat was the first to leave the helicopter, before Mrs. B. and Petey could even get out of their seat belts.

"Welcome, Devil's  Flat." The island spoke directly to the other spirit, although it sounded like a light breeze  flowing through, to the humans.

"It iss good to feel the landd again," he answered with relief.

Ben went to help Mrs. B. climb out of the chopper, by giving  his hand to steady her progress.

"Why thank you, Ben. I'm no longer young. Climbing in and out of restricted spaces isn't as easy as it once was." Mrs. B. thanked him.

"I'm happy to help. Have you heard anything from Morgan? Gloria hasn't heard from her, and we're beginning to worry."

"No, I haven't. I was hoping you knew something."

"We don't know any more than you do, apparently. You're probably wondering why you're here. The island contacted your spirit of Devil's Flat. It's gathering all of the different magical groups here, to prepare for the inevitable battle." Ben answered.

"That's all well and good, but how are we going to fight the Van Helsings here, if they don't even leave their stronghold?"

"That's the crucial part. We have to lure the Van Helsings here, to the island."


"I have no idea."

The End

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