Lion's Heart

I also turned for a moment to look at Morgan. Underneath I could see a very determined look in her eyes. In an instant her very nervous expression turned sharply for the worse, colour drained from her face, her hand flung out to grip onto mine and she winced for a second as if an inaudible noise was piercing deep inside her head. For a moment I was also filled with a strange sense of dread, my mind was blocking out something it didn’t want to deal with, but at that moment I was scared Morgan was in trouble. After a few seconds she straightened up.


~Don’t worry Dad, I’m alright, I promise... but...~ her thought trailed off our link as if her own mind was struggling to cope with whatever had just happened.

I turned to Helena, her expression had not changed and she was watching unfazed as if nothing had happened.

“Miss, are you quite alright?” A few of the members had stood up and were looking in a very concerned manner towards Morgan. I noticed my father was chuckling to himself.

“I’m fine, I’m just a little tired from the testing is all, please don’t worry.”

It was obvious she was lying but she looked so serious it was quite convincing. I didn’t drop our link just incase.

“Let the meeting continue.” Helena commanded and every member sat down once more. “Are you quite sure the Van Helsings are plotting? Perhaps they are just gathering to defeat evil?”

A dull murmuring went round the council members and they all nodded and waited for the next person to speak.

~Contest me Morgan~ Helena’s link voice was even softer than her speaking one. It felt oddly like a whisper running through your hair, it made the skin on the back of my neck prickle and its massive femininity reminded me of everywoman I had ever loved. She had silently tapped into the link I was keeping between Morgan and myself.  

Morgan Hesitated for a moment but with a nod from Helena managed to find her voice.

“N... No.” Morgan looked desperately at Helena.

~Go on Morgan, have courage~ I was thoroughly confused as Helena pushed Morgan to counter what she had just used to make the council doubt us.

Morgan let go of her pendant, her fists curled up on either side of her untill her knuckles were almost white, slowly her head rose to face the council with a look of iron determination, she reminded me scarily of Ash when he had talked of his family, there was a taint of anger in her eyes, I supposed at the Van Helsings or the ignorance of the council, and an unfailing knowledge that it was now or never.

“How can you trust the intentions of a family who steal an innocent child, a child who has become so terrified that, I, not even a blood relative just had to endure hearing her scream from so far away. You are blinded, all of you, the Van Helsings are no force for good and we cannot hide behind your walls and pretend they are nothing to do with us. What happens when they take over the human world? What happens when the elves are outnumbered and destroyed? We will be their last enemy and we will be alone.  We must fight and we must fight now, before it is too late. Have we not watched human mistake through history, Europe ignored Hitler, they stuck their head in the sand until he began to conquer them. Do you think the Van Helsings will ever rest while we’re still a thriving race? If we do not join with the Elves now to fight then we will lose more than the life of an innocent child; we lose ourselves, our pride, our way of life, our history and our freedom."  Slightly out of breath Morgan regained sense of reality and red flushed her face. I was stunned by the power of the words that had just flowed so commandingly, so inspiringly from my own daughter. Her eyes kept flitting from member to member but I noticed she spent most of her time looking directly and firmly at Helena.

Nobody spoke. Nobody muttered. Even my father was still taking in the sheer power, I bet he hadn’t expected that, I wanted to laugh at his expression but it would have been completely inappropriate, exactly the kind of thing I normally embarrassed myself doing actually so it was quite miraculous that I restrained myself.

Helena took in a deep breath and savoured it for a while before releasing it and breaking the awed silence.

“Is that all you wish to say?”

Morgan and I both nodded simultaneously.

“I greatly fear that if we do not take war by the sword hilt now it will take our heads by its blade later." She paused to let the powerful line have effect. "I think we need a moment for final consultation in the back room. Feel free to study this hall, not many people get the opportunity.” She winked at us before exiting the room after the other members. As her light blue robe trail disappeared through the door it closed softly behind her with a light thud and Morgan and I were left in our own silence.

“There is nothing more we can do is there.” She sighed.

“No,  now we just have to wait. I’m proud of you Morgan, I want you to know that. You have the heart of a lion just like your mother."

The End

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